Stories of Granny Munro

A community project to revitalise Granny Munro Park as a vibrant community space in Coledale provided the catalyst and context for an oral history project to record the stories of Granny Munro and her family.

The book Stories of Granny Munro was officially launched at Hillvue Public School on Thursday 2 April 2015. The book includes the memories and recollections of Granny Munro’s grandchildren; Aunty Maxine Hill, Aunty Lila Hill, Aunty Gwen Munro, Aunty Rhonda Lawrence, Aunty Lois Slater and Aunty Margaret Morris,  and Granny Munro’s great-niece; Aunty Yvonne Kent.
This booklet is available electronically with thanks to the family of Granny Munro.
Download the booklet

Story contributed by Aaron Ellis from the Department of Education. Published in 2016.